Advent 2016: In Praise of Light

caa2fa6109d5be4db305cea0d99c57b5To my surprise, I see that people are already checking for my Advent reflection resource — so I have posted the updated version of “Advent 2016: In Praise of Light.” A general description of all my Advent resources can be found at the beginning of my Advent page. Here is the description of Advent 2016:

Advent 2016 In Praise of Light  CLICK HERE  – 12 sides, complete (8.8.16). This four-session resource helps participants deepen their appreciation of the gifts of L/light and energy during this season devoted to anticipating the Light of the World. Groups consider
~ Creation’s Light
~ the Christ Light
~ Darkness in need of L/light and
~ the Light within each person and all creation.

Quotes from Laudato Si’ join quotes from saints and scientists. Time is given for reflection, prayer, sharing, and socializing.




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