Time for an Energy Change: This 12:27 min video connects global warming and fracking. It shows alternatives and how to reach them for our children and all life on our precious planet. If this video stops frequently to load, pause it until the bar is at least half full. Then click again to continue.  The video does not include all the fracking-related problems, like the land tremors that have resulted from wastewater injection wells or illnesses from sand mining.  (Cf. About for background information.)

Wake to Wonderment — a trilogy consisting of Matins, Lauds, and Vespers — tells the story of our place, time, and responsibility in the evolution of Earth. These videos prompt awe, praise, and reverent care for Earth. Thomas Berry, having seen Wake to Wonderment, responded: Your creation is an ecstatic experience, and we will be playing it not once again, but again and again. This is an inestimable contribution to the Great Work. (Cf. About for background information.)

Matins: 3 min. celebration of our place in the Universe Story concluding with prayer “to shape my share of radiant light with joyful care, and tend the fires of your reflection everywhere.”

Lauds: 4.25 min. tracing the history of creation and celebrating the privilege and responsibility of being among the first persons to consciously praise Creation “till our sphere resounds in space with the fire of Love . . . .”

Vespers: 3.37 min. recognizing the threats to this glorious creation and our call to face them, grieve, and be empowered “to use my speck of time to animate your sacred dream for all of Earth.”


Poor Promises: Faith and the Economy:  is a 2-hour program on the Bishops’ Pastoral on the Economy program edited from the award-winning 26-part TV series of the same name. The four 1/2 hour segments includes interviews with men and women experts, an arts segment, and input to spark discussion: Highlights of the Pastoral, The Option for the Poor, Connecting the Eucharist and the Economy, and Actions to Promote Economic Justice. Surprisingly (and sadly) relevant today.

Meditation: Tuning to the Divine:  3:22 min. Useful any month to deepen appreciation of the divine throughout creation and our call to be “in tune” with this life source

Unless the Seed Dies: 3:24 min. November meditation on life from death for the SHCJ monthly meditation series

Joy of New Life: 3:40 min. December meditation on new life for the SHCJ monthly meditation series

In/sight: 4:45 min. reflection on seeking and finding the Source of Northern Lights and a united creation

October 2015 Meditation: 2:28 min. text for the Society of the Holy Child Jesus: Cornelia, St. Francis, Pope Francis:


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  1. Terri, I really appreciate your website and resources. Am encouraging our Creation’s Transformative Energy Task Force and others to use for prayer and reflection.carol


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