Suggested Videos and Sites


 I certainly suggest the following videos, which are found by clicking the Media page. (Note blog: Laudato Si’ Anniversary and site update.)
– Time for an Energy Change,
– Wake to Wonderment: Matins, Lauds, Vespers,
– Unless the Seed Dies,
– Joy of New Life,
– In/sight,
– October celebrations related to Laudato Si’, and 

  • Poor Promises: Faith and the Economy: is a 2-hour program on the Bishops’ Pastoral on the Economy edited from the award-winning 26-part TV series of the same name. The four 1/2 hour segments includes interviews with men and women experts, an arts segment, and input to spark discussion. Topics include Highlights of the Pastoral, The Option for the Poor, Connecting the Eucharist and the Economy, and Actions to Promote Economic Justice. Completed in 1986 (before the bishops were concerned about ecology), it is surprisingly (and sadly) relevant today.

How Wolves Change Rivers — 4 min. This video shows how re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park changed the landscape.

How Whales Change Climate — 5 min. This video details how one species affects others and even mitigates climate change. contains a series of very short videos from Conservation International that includes titles such as I am the Ocean, I am the Redwood, I am Mother Nature. This personification, spoken by contributors like Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, and Harrison Ford, reaches hearts and emotions without being “corny.” Each is worth seeing, hearing, and pondering.

Journey of the Universe – Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Swimme’s acclaimed film and book tells our story from the beginning. Awesome and inspiring. The following review includes the three parts of the Journey of the Universe trilogy:

UPDATE 12/13: The EMMY® award-winning Journey of the Universe film is available on Netflix! If you have enjoyed Journey of the Universe, Mary Evelyn and Brian would appreciate your rating or reviewing it at:

The film is also available for streaming and downloading from both iTunes and Reelhouse. It is also available in DVD format at Whole Foods, as well as,,, and a number of other online stores listed at: The film has been translated into Spanish and the book into French, Italian, and Korean.

Experiencing Hubble: Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe: DVD, 12 lectures by Professor 

David M. Meyer.
Our Night Sky . . .remarkable discoveries about the nature of the universe . . .: DVD, 24 lectures by 
Professor Edward M. Murphy.

SUGGESTED SITES The Omega Center is an online forum striving to facilitate a deepening of consciousness, conversation, and connection as we seek God in our scientific age.   The website is dedicated to education, formation, and inspiration in the converging fields of science and theology and exists to promote and support the work of Ilia Delio, OSF. Writings from other experts in this field, from Teilhard de Chardin to Richard Rohr, are included. Under the headings of Think, Become, Act, Ilia provides resources from others and from her own inspiring writing. If you have an eye for beauty — especially flowers — and a heart for inspiring thoughts, you will love this site. Betsey Crawford supplies both photos and text. Each page plumbs a theme such as birds, bees, roses, currently (September 2017) Laudato Si’. Treat yourself! The Center for New Creation can rightly boast of its new site. Here Margaret Swedish continues her ministry of providing information and inspiration about the “new story.” Let All Creation Praise is an ecumenical site providing resources for  congregations to celebrate God’s love for creation, to worship God with creation so as to reconcile and restore our human relationship with the rest of nature, and to foster love and care for God’s whole creation. It also provides resources to celebrate a “season of creation” or “creation time” in the church year. Those creating liturgies and prayer services will find excellent ideas here. This site includes information about the climate covenant this group initiated and how it is being implemented in parishes, schools, and institutions. Besides listing my Laudato Si’ Reflection Resource, this site includes (as of Advent 2015) material from Caring for Our Common Home Resources (COCH) that offers resources to help parishes integrate Laudato Si’ in their bulletin notices, Prayers of the Faithful, and homilies. The material on the MFIC site is really excellent. I am humbled to have my reflections included! excellent articles from around the world This site contains two videos dealing with facts and effects of global warming. Len Sroka has produced thoughtful and useful videos using quotes from authorities in ecospirituality topics. This periodic newsletter from Yale’s Center on Ecology and Religion is especially helpful for scholars and those seeking college/university programs. This is the “home” of Mary Evelyn Tucker who, with Brian Swimme, gave us Journey of the Universe film, book, and study materials. See also Home of information about the book recommended above plus the companion film and video conversations, these materials are “must see”! BBC One presents 2 minutes of  images of our awesome Earth — of which we are integral parts and interconnected to all. Pat Bombard, BVM’s site contains her blogs and her reflections on “the steps” of her own interior evolution, offered in the spirit of “Birth 2012,” a movement promoted by Barbara Marx Hubbard. This blog explores the Green Catholic imagination and contains informative updates on news concerning ecological spirituality. My “I Thirst” Lent reflections for 2014 was featured on the March 4, 2014 post, but the recommendation was here long before that! Carol Hohle blogs about spirituality, environment, and community and how they intersect. Interfaith Moral Action on Climate leaders in New York State explain why fracking is a faith concern and requires our action to protect sacred creation. This membership organization is dedicated to the future of the earth and of the human community. It includes a biography of Teilhard deChardin (in PDF), timeline, bibliography, and more. This site is another excellent site for Teilhard enthusiasts  — or newcomers. (Someone replied to my blog on Teilhard that she wanted to learn more about “Mr. Teilhard.” Newcomers always welcome!) Anyone interested in Teilhard de Chardin, Journey of the Universe, or any related people or programs will want to be familiar with Thomas Berry. Leslie Sponsel (U. of Hawai'i), author of Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution, gives information about her book and lists many helpful resources. Suggested by Sarah Sherman, RSM,this continuing 
three year program provides video live-streaming around the topic of the Cosmic Christ.  It runs 4x/year, is facilitated by Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey and always has an expert guest lecturer. Suggested by Jeanne Marie Guerin, SHCJ, this has been a valuable resource to her. fine collection of resources and information The Lorian Association deals with Incarnational Spirituality in the broadest understanding of these words. The emphasis is on the new understanding of wholeness. Mary Southard, CSJ, and John Surette, SJ, reflect on SpiritEarth topics of concern to anyone interested in ecosirituality. Not Ordinary Times is a challenging call to "be the church" in this time of environmental crisis -- backed up with a comprehensive set of resources and background materials that will guide churches through a six-month season of worship and preaching that takes seriously the devastation of the global environment.