“. . . a constantly changing world.” SHCJ Constitutions

Every major religious and philosophical system began before anyone knew what we know about our place in space and time. In all human history, no one knew what you know about “the heavens and the earth”!

OUR PLACE IN SPACE —                                           Milky_Way_Night_Sky_Black_Rock_Desert_Nevada

Do you remember how you felt as you looked at the stars when you were little?
• Did you guess that some “stars” were entire galaxies containing billions of stars?
• Did you guess that some stars had burned out, but their light was still traveling to your sight — in some case traveling billions of light years?
• Did you guess that the total number of stars exceeds the grains of sand on Earth?”
• Did you guess that everything you saw was expanding and creating space as it expanded?
• Did you guess that our Earth and everything that is part of it (including you)  came from the dust of a star that had burned out billions of years ago?

We now know this and more!

We are the local embodiment of a cosmos grown to self-awareness . . .
star-stuff pondering the stars!     Carl Sagan

The Holy Spirit is that divinely imbued empowering energy operative in creation from time immemorial.    Diarmuid O’Murchu


In the beginning was the Word – the Logos, the inner order of things.   John1:1

How does this reality affect you – your sense of the divine, of yourself, of others and all creation?

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