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Laudato Si’ Anniversary and Media Update

Recently a friend, trying to locate my video trilogy “Wake to Wonderment,” alerted me that I placed my eight original videos on a page titled “Media,” and never included them on my “Suggested Videos” page. These original videos either reinforce the message of global interconnectedness in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home or refer to it directly. June 8, 2018 is the third anniversary of the release of that document.

In honor of the anniversary and also to correct my original oversight, I am adding the following to the “Suggested Videos” page:
I certainly suggest the following videos, which are found by clicking the Media page:
– Time for an Energy Change
– Wake to Wonderment: Matins, Lauds, Vespers
– Unless the Seed Dies
– Joy of New Life
– In/sight
– October celebrations related to Laudato Si’ 

I wrote the text of all eight and am responsible for the video creation of a few. I gratefully acknowledge the contributions of those who created the others or shared narration tasks.

“Time for an Energy Change” was created for Sisters of the Holy Child in 2012, Sadly, it is still very needed — even more so now that the United States is officially rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement and changing regulations intended to lower the causes of climate change.

One statistic in “Time for an Energy Change” needs updating. It originally showed CO2 at 394 ppm, well above the safe upper limit of 350 ppm. In 2013  updated to show that we had reached 400 ppm. As of May 2018, the world has surpassed 410 ppm and we — humans, flora, fauna — are all experiencing the results of this alarming increase.

No time like the present to reread Laudato Si’, view related videos, and ponder what they call each of us to do.