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Time to Go

As regular readers of this site know, last March I wrote that I was ending my blog. The resulting feedback convinced me to reconsider, and I continued both my blog and the entire site.

This time I won’t change my mind. Stopping the site will give me time for whatever ministry I might be called to when I am in Pennsylvania. Besides, many wonderful sites exist now that weren’t available when I started in 2012. 

My thanks to the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus for their blessing on this ministry. My thanks to Fr. Terrence J. Moran, who convinced me to start the blog. My thanks to those special helpers (like Thomas J. Murphy, Ph.D.) who so graciously checked my drafts over the years to be sure the science, theology, and grammar were correct. And thanks to those who have read the material, used the group resources, forwarded items to their friends, posted on their websites, published information about the site, translated resources, and written me words of encouragement. I treasure the many connections I made because of the site!

Although I shall no longer update pages or post blogs, I shall leave the site available. Many past blogs and pages, as well as Advent, Lent, and Laudato Si’  resources, will be relevant for years.

I don’t mean to trivialize Mary Oliver’s profound words in “In Blackwater Woods,” but her ending is appropriate here: “… when the time comes to let it go,/… let it go.” It’s time.

My loving thanks to each and all readers — and to the empowering Mystery acting within us and our expanding and interconnected universe!