Advent Resources

Participants reflect on the appropriate Sunday’s Scripture quotes and relate them with specific sacred Earth concerns on a three-year rotation:
Light and Energy;
Advent/Incarnation in the 
New Universe Story;
Peace, both personal and global

These topics are placed within the Universe Story and awareness that the Mystery we call God lives and acts within us and all creation. Appropriate interconnections and personal responses are explored. Meetings include silence, prayer, input, discussion, and action suggestions.

Duplicate copies (on recycled paper, on both sides) after the “Complete” notice is added.

Advent.2022.In.Praise.of.Light, 10 sides – Sorry, this link doesn’t work! 
This four-session resource helps participants deepen their appreciation of the gifts of L/light and energy and divine presence in Creation from creation’s beginning and continuing into this season devoted to anticipating the Light of the World. Groups consider
~ Creation’s Light
~ the Christ Light
~ Darkness
~ Light within each person and all creation

Quotes from Laudato Si’ join quotes from saints and scientists.

Advent in the New Universe Story

– 10 sides, incomplete – is a four-session resource available in English for those interested in deepening their understanding of the Christmas/ Incarnation reality in the context of the new creation story. The Incarnation is a Mystery that a lifetime of contemplation would not exhaust, and yet we are continually called to explore this Mystery, and specifically during Advent. These reflections will facilitate that exploration. Useful for individuals but designed for groups, the weeks’ topics include the following:

~ New Consciousness, New Christian Understanding;
~ The Cosmos Prepares for New Life;
~ Evolving Understanding of Humanity’s Place in Creation; and
~ Incarnation Revisited.

Laudato Si’ is among the suggested readings. – 12 sides – incomplete.

Explore the meaning of peace in the light of justice and whole-making; the inner journey and consciousness; obstacles to inner and outer (world-wide) peace; and a final reflection on Mary and Eucharist. An additional page focuses on the obstacles to inner and outer peace created by current weaponry. Each week includes excerpts from the Sunday readings, times of silence, awareness of divinity living and acting within us and our world, and suggestions for the week. Useful for individuals but designed for groups, the weeks’ topics include the following:

~ The meaning of Peace
~ It’s an Inside Job
~ Obstacles Were Made to be Transformed
~ Mary, Blessed and Peaceful Woman


21 thoughts on “Advent Resources

  1. These look like great resources for Advent. I am interested in them and for starters the 2013 In Praise of LIght. Thanks for sharing


  2. Thank you, Terri! These materals are TREASURES! I plan to use the Spanish version when it is my turn for Community Prayer! Gratefully, Ann-Joyce, shcj


  3. Love the site. Any way to get a print friendly version of Winter Solstice Ritual? Used your Advent reflections with a prayer group we recently formed at our Continued Care Retirement Community, which printed easily. We need to make 12 copies, & would use a tremendous amount of ink & more paper than is necessary. There probably is a way to do this, but I haven’t figured it out.


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  5. This is tremendous. We have been trying for years to bridge the old Advent and New Advent story. You have given us a great start. Truly a dream come true.


  6. Thanks, Jeanne! You might like to sign up to automatically receive new blogs. I know the “to read” pieces add up, but you are doing so much good at Rosemont and some things will be especially pertinent. XXOO


  7. Part Three of Advent in the New Universe Story is written very well, especially the parts about 1) cosmology (we are “stardust”), and 2) Genesis 2 (people need reminding that there is a different story in Genesis 2 and you presented it very well). You must be following the works from the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology that has developed a book and a CD called Journey of the Universe. Personally, I needed to see the video (twice) before the message really made sense to me. Another CD is Journey Toward Creation ( that is a little more forceful from a religious point of view. I like both. National Geographic Magazine (Jan 2015 page 108) has more and different information on the journey of the universe with a diagram showing what you call the “Flaring Forth.” Anyway, stardust is amazing stuff!


    • Thanks so much, Charles! It’s heartening to learn that someone has read something so careful and with such understanding. Happily, more and more material is available to help us understand this new cosmology. You’ve seen two of the best videos! We’re all learning — and learning to unlearn!


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