8 thoughts on “WINTER SOLSTICE RITUAL 2015

    • Thanks so much, Mary Jean! My ideal self calls you every day! This is such a hectic time, but one of these day my busy self will catch up and do things I want to do — like chatting with you! XXOO


  1. I tried to follow instructions for getting copies of the beautiful Soltice Ritual for use at group gatherings of women to break Bread.

    I need 12 copies


    • A pdf that takes two sides is on its way to you via email, Mary. No images, so it’s stark, but everything essential is included, and it saves paper. You’ll have to make the copies. Blessings for a wonderful experience! I’ll remember you and your group when I experience it for myself next week.


  2. Thank you for sending this prayer service. I am returning to it today (Dec. 21) to appreciate the universe and get passed this rainy day.


    • Delighted it is useful to you, Ann, wherever you are! I’ll keep you (and everyone else using it) in mind when I pray it tonight. My table is already filled with candles. Blessings!


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