Paths to Peace

Someone kindly alerted me that the link to my Advent reflection, “Paths to Peace,” advent_grwas not working. In case others have had the misfortune of clicking it only to find nothing, I assure readers that you can now click Advent.2015. Paths to Peace and connect with this four-session resource.

Although the Scripture readings come from Advent liturgies, and the sessions refer to Advent, reflecting on peace is always current. Adapt these pages for use at any time, for we always need to deepen our sense of shalom within and in relation to others, to creation, and to divinity. “Paths to Peace” includes additional information for U.S. participants that relates to today’s weapons, especially nuclear ones.

Hiroshima atomic bomb damageU.S. taxpayers, according to the National Catholic Reporter (Sept. 25-October 8, 2015), will have to pay “nearly $1 trillion over the next quarter century” for weapons like those on a Trident submarine, each with destructive force some 30 times greater than the destructive force of either of the bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. Do imagine that!

Rather than repeat the full description of “Paths to Peace” here, I suggest you click on my Advent page:

Peace be with you — now, during Advent, and always!

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