6 thoughts on “Earth Day Prayer

  1. Thanks to your reminder, Arline, I have made the images smaller and, except for suggested music, everything fits on two sides. I have sent that to you as an attachment. Thanks for you!


  2. Terri,
    I am a “fan” of your fine work and have been since I came across your curriculum guides. Thank you for spreading the good news of the “New Story”, as Thomas Berry would say. I belong to our provincial C.A.R.E. committee and to a cosmology group that meets every two weeks at 8:30am on Thursday. We are presently reading/discussing Elizabeth Johnson’s book, “Ask the Beasts”. We’d love to have you join us sometime! I am now requesting the two-sided pdf of this prayer service to share with others.
    Fran Cunningham, OSF (I am a School Sister of St. Francis and know Carol Smith)


  3. Thanks so very much for the inspiring Earth Day prayer. Our Community’s Sustainability Committee shared this prayer with our Community and Associates–about 100 + people. We appreciate your expertise and generosity in doing this.
    Gratefully, Sr. Marietta—Srs. of St. Francis of the Holy Cross—Green Bay, WI


    • Marietta, I am truly grateful for your note letting me know of your use of the prayer! Delighted to know it was used by you all! It’s a tribute to your committee, too, for sharing it. (Green Bay has happy memories for me, as I spent very happy summers in Bayfield. By then I had learned where store milk comes from . . . .)


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