Lent Resources

Lent Resources

UnknownExplore Scripture quotes from the appropriate Sunday in the light of various Earth concerns: Water, Air, Soil, Species and Ecosystems, and Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’ (on its own page).  As people of faith, we want to respond not only to Jesus’ suffering and death, but also to the suffering and death within creation, where God lives and acts, and we are part of a united whole: our home.

Whatever the aspect of creation being highlighted, participants reflect on excerpts from each Sunday’s Scripture readings in the light of our place in the Universe Story and the presence of the divine within it from the beginning — and within us, as we respond to the threats to Earth’s gifts.  Meetings include silence, prayer, input, discussion, action suggestions, and socializing.

Lent 2017: Laudato Si’

(See its own page.) For another option, use I Thirst

Lent 2017: I Thirst (Water)

lent-2017-i-thirst-17 – 13 sides — complete

Tengo Sed  – 14 sides — Please use this 2014 version.


Lent 2018: Creation Covenant: (Species and Ecosystems)

Lent 2018: Creation.Covenant – 14 sides – English version, to be updated

La_Alianza_de_la_Creacion – 12 sides – Spanish version, to be updated


Lent 2018: To Breathe Its Praise (Air)

To Breathe Its Praise (Air) – to be updated


Lent 2019: Spirituality of Soil

Lent2016.Soil – 15 sides — to be updated


Unsolicited comments about these reflections:

See National Catholic Reporter’s EcoCatholic article about I Thirst: http://ncronline.org/node/71901.

Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation, Rome: The SHCJ Sisters have excellent resources on Soil, Water, Air . . . .

Jim Schaal, Zygon Center for Religion and Science: This wonderful Lenten resource is thoughtfully conceived, helpfully organized, and attractively illustrated, and I am moved by the blending of Christian tradition, interfaith perspectives, and scientific content . . . .

Theresa Dabulis, Sisters of St. Casmir: [It] is absolutely beautiful, inspirational, practical, and a wonderful way to raise our own consciousness. As a community we are trying to get sisters involved in faith sharing groups, and this will be a wonderful tool.

Jim Konold: Thank you for adding new perspectives to my life and for how you amazingly were able to tie it all into our faith . . . .

Debbie Kern: . . . ultimately [I chose] this group because it’s not just about me. Rather, it’s about taking care of creation for future generations . . . I was in this group last Lent and just loved being with like-minded people who express their feelings . . . and what we can do to help our world . . . .