This site did not end!

Reactions to the death of this site convinced me to restart it! Hope you find resources, information and insights that enrich your life.


Living in an evolving universe confirms that “there is a time for everything: a time to begin, a time to end ….”

April 2012 was my time to begin this site; about a year later I started this blog. (I wasn’t sure I could pull off a blog, but it hasn’t been that difficult and I encourage you to try it!)

It is now time to sign off. I will not renew its WordPress “lease,” which will thus end on April 14. I owe you readers a huge debt of gratitude for reading and especially for your positive comments. The site has received over 123,000 “hits” as of March 2nd. Of more importance to me, I received very heartening mail from people in many countries who made me feel my efforts were amply rewarded. 

I received a few negative comments when I began. They stopped when I clarified that this was not a site to reaffirm dogmas and beliefs from the past but, rather, to help move them into our current understanding of the world, one  that was unknown and unguessed by those who wrote the original Scripture and dogmas. I hope it has helped readers live more consciously and compassionately in and for our interconnected, interdependent, sacred common home.

FYI, the map that WordPress provides shows that, excluding countries responsible for fewer than 20 hits, this site has been read by people in over 123 countries! I am overwhelmed by that! Wherever you live, know that I am awed to have reached you!

I invite anyone interested in Advent, Lent, or Laudato Si’ reflection material, various rituals, or anything else on my site, to take them, adapt them, use in any positive way they wish. The site will remain until April 14th, but I shall not add to it. 

It has truly been a joy and blessing to make connections with so many of you as well as to form my thoughts into typed words.  Thank you for the privilege of doing so, and be assured of a lasting place in my heart.

29 thoughts on “This site did not end!

  1. Thank you for the delights I have found and the wisdom of insight you have offered both challenging and encouraging me over these years. Many blessings on what comes next!

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  2. Terri, I will miss your posts and initiatives.
    Thank you!

    Sr. Sandra Brunenn, OSB
    Sisters of St. Benedict
    2200 88th Avenue West
    Rock Island, IL 61201-7649
    309.283.2101 Office

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  3. How we will miss you and what you have given us. We do believe that you have planted more seeds than you will ever realize so the growth and harvest continues where we often know not. Blessing on you each day of your life. You have truly gifted us and our Universe.
    Sisters Kay and Annette Fernholz SSND

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  4. Terri, What good and essential work you have been doing. It has been a gift to us. Thank you for your wisdom and your dedication to our Earth/Mother. Even if you will not writing anymore, your words are already out there traveling around the interconnected web of life – none of them lost, all of them contributing to the healing. Many Thanks from a grateful admirer. 😇


    • Anne, I am deeply touched by, and grateful for, your words. As Ellen would say, “back at ya,” — every single bit! It’s been a privilege to be united with people like you whose lives are totally spent for the good of all life!


  5. Hi, Terri — while I’m sorry that your blog is coming to an end, I’m happy for you! You will be missed!! Thank you for introducing me to ecospirituality and for making our world a better place.
    Take care, Colleen

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  6. Dear Terri, I’m so very sad your creative wisdom will no longer be landing on my desktop. Thank you for all the incredible insights you have shared and the resources generously offered. You have provided an amazing gift to our world. Congratulations and deep gratitude for the beautiful woman you are. Blessings on this next stage of your life. Xo Susan rscj

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  7. Oh, Terri. I have such mixed feelings about this message! Very grateful for all the time and energy you’ve spent on the blog over the years, but sad to see it end. You have done so much to educate us on ecospirituality. I will certainly try using it in my own ministry and life. Will you be out for jubilees this year? We have the Associate National Gathering that weekend, which John and I will attend. The plan is for all of us to come to the jubilee celebration. Wishing you every blessing! Judy

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  8. Many thanks, Judy! By chance I was looking through my Cornelia material this morning deciding what to give our new pastor. Yours is the best! Thanks for absorbing the ecospirituality stuff so productively! No trips this summer for me, but I’ll be with the Associates in spirit and prayer! XXOO


  9. Terri,
    As so many others have said, your inspiration and creativity will be sorely missed. Many blessings of peace and light on your new path. You have certainly been a light on my path. Agnes


  10. I certainly want to thank you for this beautiful, timely and most needed website that you have contributed to care of the Earth. Your creativity, and passion for Mother Earth you shared with so many have greatly enriched us all.
    With gratitude,
    Sr. Marietta Samz


  11. Terri, I have just recently discovered your blog site and was wonderfully encouraged by it, since i have been looking for such rich inspiration for some time after doing the An Tairseach program a couple of years ago in Wicklow. whatever you decide for the future, I will be grateful for your inspiring words and processes, also to connect me to so many other websites and resources in this area such as Seescapes.
    Terry Casey


    • Thanks so much for your rewarding comments, Terry! My decision is to leave the site available, update the Advent and Lent resources as needed, but not to supply regular blogs. I’m very grateful that people find the site material helpful!


      • Great idea Terri! How about that? We have a similar name!
        You know when it’s time to move on and I applaud your decision. But, yes, how helpful it will be that your resources are updated without having the constant responsibility of keeping the blog going.

        Blessings on all you do,



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